InStep Solutions Ltd

Intelligent Visitor Information Systems

A selection of sensors are available:
  1. -break beam

  2. -thermal

  3. -pressure slab

  4. -inductive loop

To find out which is best suited to your application click on one of the following icons:


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Each logger can record activity from up to 3 sensors in a 5 meter perimeter, and do so
either hourly or daily. 4xD alkaline batteries are sufficient to run logger and sensors for a minimum of 10 months and up to 4 years, depending on the type of sensors used. Data within the logger memory is never overwritten and up to 34 years can be backed up. All sensors and loggers are waterproof. Nonetheless, the logger and battery pack are contained within a pelicase or Ritherdon box for extra protection and ease of access.
The clear 4-line display and large buttons make the Collecting Device (CD) easy to use outdoors, even when wearing gloves on a cold winter day. The CD is water-resistant so that data can be safely collected on a rainy day. In test mode, a visual increment and sounder allow the user to easily verify the good functioning of each sensor. The logger/sensors battery level is also displayed so that no other piece of test equipment needs to be carried. Downloading 90 days of data takes no more than 10s and the CD can store 56 collections.
You can very quickly and simply select exactly what you need to see.  You can choose where (site or sites), when (date range), what (type of object), how (graph type or tabular).  There are a variety of graph chart styles including various bars, lines and pies. Further interactive analysis of graphs allows zooming, panning, selection of ranges (focus), edits to headings, range names, text, fonts, colours, scaling and so on.  Your analysis quickly matches your required style, ready for inclusion in a document or presentation. To find out more click on the following icon:
When you have a graph image that you wish to export, simply copy to the clipboard and paste into the other application where it can be resized if necessary. Graphs are sufficiently detailed to fill an A4 sheet with clarity. Sections of numeric tabular data can also be copied as tables using the same process.

Menu options enable numeric data to be exported as files. One option is csv (Comma Separated Values) file which can be imported by MS Office Excel, Open Office Calc or similar spreadsheet applications.  Another option is Sustrans standard format.