Intelligent Visitor Information Systems


InStep Solutions tailors its involvement in each project to best meet a client's specific requirements.

The minimum involvement is to supply the sensors, loggers and computer software. In practice, a greater degree of involvement will often be of real value to the customer.

Here is a list of the different services that InStep is able to offer. They are arranged in the order usually required in a project. 

  1.     Feasibility Study

  2.     Business Case

  3.     Supply of Hardware and Software

  4.     Installation of Hardware and Software

  5.     Training

  6.     Maintenance

  7.     Managed Service

  8.     Qualitative Analysis

  9.     Benefits Realisation

Feasibility Study

The objective of this is to determine whether an InStep solution will meet your requirements for environmental monitoring and analysis. It is a determination of technological feasibility.

Business Case

This is part of the management submission to secure funding. It details costs and benefits that are expected. It categorises the benefits as quantifiable (hard) or non-quantifiable (soft).

The feasibility study generally looks at the overall requirement. The business case looks at the immediate project which may be a phase of the overall plan. Sometimes it will be a pilot scheme that is used to confirm the findings of the feasibility study.

Hardware and Software

The supply of hardware is a requirement of every project.  Because the software is so quick and easy to use, most clients manage their own collections and analysis and therefore require the software.  The software is licensed to the company or organisation.  This means that additional counters will not require additional software, although the license may need to be updated.


This can include planning, location and installation of any or all sensors and loggers. It will include installation of the software and user acceptance testing to confirm its correct operation. InStep strongly advises that should a customer wish to install their own equipment they work alongside InStep staff to install the first few sites.  This will ensure that the customer’s staffs are proficient.


Training can be provided on all aspects of system operation including sensor and logger installation, battery changing, collection of data with a Collecting Device and use of the software to build a database, interactively analyse data and produce reports from it. This is a highly recommended service.


All InStep equipment is guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects, but not against accidental or malicious damage.  InStep maintains an adequate stock of parts and equipment in order that any repair or replacement can be carried out promptly and with minimum disruption to the customer’s operations.

InStep software is also guaranteed for one year.  During this time free telephone support is provided and improved versions of the software are provided as they become available.  After this first year additional years of support, offering the same benefits, can be purchased at very reasonable cost.

InStep policy is one of continuous improvement in all its products.  This improvement is driven by customer requirements.

Managed Service

Not all customers wish to manage their own data.  InStep can take over the management of your system for you.

Periodically, usually every three months, InStep visits all your sites, tests all the equipment, replaces consumable such as batteries, collects your data and ensures that your counters are running properly.  Back at their offices your collected data is used to update your company’s individual and secure database which resides on an InStep computer.  Backups are made and stored securely offsite.  A report in a previously agreed format is produced and delivered to you.  It is important to note that the data remains your property.

This service requires the minimum of the Installation service previously described.

If you decide at a later date to manage your own data InStep will load your database into your software as part of the Training Service that has been described above.

Qualitative Analysis

It is sometimes valuable to be able to support the quantitative monitoring data with qualitative information.  InStep can work with you to devise an effective onsite questionnaire. This might include, for instance, questioning how long a visitor will be in the area, their party size, where they are staying, how far they have travelled and how many times they have previously visited. InStep can also administer the questionnaire, collate the results, and present a report of the statistical findings.

Benefits Realisation

This measures the actual benefits obtained from a project.  It compares them to the benefits expected in the business case to report a real measure of project effectiveness and business value.

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